3.3. AlarmThresholdRule


The information of alarms are included.

Data Type

parameter description datatype
comparison_operator The comparison against the alarm threshold. You can specify 'lt', 'le', 'eq', 'ne', 'ge', or 'gt'. String
evaluation_periods The number of historical periods to evaluate the threshold Integer
exclude_outliers Non-use Boolean
meter_name The name of the meter String
period The time range in seconds over which query Integer
query The query to find the data for computing statistics. Only a single query is supported. List(Query)
statistic The statistic to compare to the threshold. You can specify 'max', 'min', 'avg', 'sum', or 'count'. String
threshold The threshold of the alarm Float

Data Sample

    "meter_name": "nova.hv.status.bool",
    "period": 300,
    "query": [{
        "field": "resource_id",
        "op": "eq",
        "type": "string",
        "value": "nova_5dd5bfe5-aee8-4663-86e4-e76d032d318e"
    "exclude_outliers": false,
    "evaluation_periods": 1,
    "evaluation_type": "0",
    "comparison_operator": "gt",
    "statistic": "max",
    "threshold": 1