This page describes operations you can perform on quotas. Only get details for.

Show Quota

Show details for quota.

Synchronous / Asynchronous

  • Synchronous


HTTP Request Method

  • GET

HTTP Request Path


HTTP Request Parameters

Parameter Style Type Format Enumeration Description Required
quota_id URI string hyph-uuid - Quota Id which should be equal to tenant_id. yes


HTTP Response Code List

Response Code Description
200 OK
400 Bad Request
401 UnAuthorized
404 Not Found
500 Internal Server Error

HTTP Response Parameters

Parameter Type Format Description
quota object Quotas -
aws_gateway integer - AWS gateway quota.
azure_gateway integer - Azure gateway quota.
colocation_logical_link integer - Colocation Logical Link quota.
common_function_gateway integer - Common Function gateway quota.
fic_gateway integer - FIC gateway quota.
firewall integer - Firewall quota.
gcp_gateway integer - GCP gateway quota.
id string - Quota Id which should be equal to tenant_id.
interdc_gateway integer - Inter DC gateway quota.
internet_gateway integer - Internet gateway quota.
load_balancer integer - Load Balancer quota.
network integer - Network quota
port integer - Port quota.
public_ip integer - Public IP quota.
security_group integer - Security group quota.
subnet integer - Subnet quota.
tenant_id string - The owner of quota.
vpn_gateway integer - VPN gateway quota.


Sample Request Body

This operation does not send a request body.

Sample Response Body

  "quota": {
    "aws_gateway": 1,
    "azure_gateway": 1,
    "colocation_logical_link": 2,
    "common_function_gateway": 1,
    "fic_gateway": 1,
    "firewall": 2,
    "gcp_gateway": 1,
    "id": "6a156ddf2ecd497ca786ff2da6df5aa8",
    "interdc_gateway": 1,
    "internet_gateway": 1,
    "load_balancer": 2,
    "network": 2,
    "port": 30,
    "public_ip": 1,
    "subnet": 5,
    "tenant_id": "6a156ddf2ecd497ca786ff2da6df5aa8",
    "vpn_gateway": 1