This data type are included API response as below.
  • create tenant_connection_request
  • list tenant_connection_request
  • show tenant_connection_request
  • update tenant_connection_request
  • delete tenant_connection_request


Parameter Description DATATYPE
tenant_connection_requests   Array
tenant_connection_request   Object
tenant_connection_request_id tenant_connection_request unique ID. String(UUID)
status Status of tenant_connection_request. String()
name Name of tenant_connection_request. String()
description Description of tenant_connection_request. String()
tags Tags of tenant_connection_request. Object
tenant_id Tenant ID of the owner. String(UUID)
name_other Name for the owner of network. String()
description_other Description for the owner of network. String()
tags_other Object Tags for the owner of network.
tenant_id_other The owner tenant of network. String(UUID)
network_id Network unique id. String(UUID)
approval_request_id   String()