This data type are included API response as below.
  • show subnet
  • list subnet


Parameter Description DATATYPE
subnets   Array
allocation_pools List of subnet allocation pools Array(Object)
end   String(ipv4)
start   String(ipv4)
cidr Subnet CIDR. String(cidr)
description Subnet description. String()
dhcp_server_address (admin only) IP Address of DHCP Server String(ipv4)
dns_nameservers List of subnet dns name servers. Array(String)
enable_dhcp Set to true if DHCP is enabled and false if DHCP is disabled. Boolean
gateway_ip Subnet default gateway ip. String(ipv4)
host_routes A list of host route dictionaries for the subnet. Array(Object)
destination   String(cidr)
nexthop   String(ipv4)
id Subnet unique id. String(UUID)
ip_version The IP version used. (supports only 4) integer
ipv6_address_mode Address mode for IPv6 (not supported) String()
ipv6_ra_mode IPv6 router advertisement mode (not supported) String()
name Subnet name. String()
network_id The ID of network this subnet belongs to. String(UUID)
ntp_servers List of ntp servers. Array(String)
status Hidden Subnet status. String()
tags Subnet tags. Object
tenant_id The owner name of subnet. String(UUID)