style description
authentication token string or string(token_id)
Normal value: Alphabet (Upper and Lower Case) and number.(String to be paid out when authenticated by Keystone.)
Incorrect value:
- Not been authenticated by Keystone, printable characters other than the above. *1 (Sign, blank, etc.)
- Multibyte character.
- Undisplayable character. *2
- Empty string.
Normal value:
- Consecutive printable characters. *1
- JSON escape sequence. *4
Incorrect value:
- double quotes not been escape.
- Slash and backslash.
- Multi-byte characters and undisplayable character. *2
Any character string.
Lower limit of <min> characters. Upper limit of <max> characters.
It will be truncated to <max> characters, at the time of registration database.
*<min>,<max> : Any number
string(nolimit) or string(unlimited)
Allow all of the characters that have been input.
It will be truncated to a maximum number of characters, At the time of registration database.
string(Base64 encoded)
Any character string encoded in Base64.
string (json format)
String of JSON format.
empty string
Empty string.
instance URL string
host, port : REST API request destination host and port number for instance operation.
version : REST API version.(only admin URL.)
tenantID:tenantID of instance.
instanceID:ID of the target instance.
string: novnc or xvpvnc
Normal value: "novanc" or "xvpvnc"
Incorrect value: String other than the above.
string (public, private)
Scope of image accessibility. public or private.
string(public, private, shared)
Image visibility. public, private, shared.
string(desc, asc)
Sort of string.Ascending order(asc) or Descending order(desc).
string (add, remove, replace)
Operations of the specified image's property / location.
add, remove, replace.
string (positive number or '-' to specify last index)
The position to add / remove a location to / from the image's locations list.
string (<value1>, <value2>, ...)
Can be specified only the following values.
<value1>, <value2>,…
*<value1>,<value2>, ... : Any value.