3.4. Virtual Storage



Parameter Name Data Type Description
id String The ID (UUID) for virtual storage.
network_id String The ID (UUID) for network which the virtual storage is connected.
subnet_id String The ID (UUID) for subnet which the virtual storage is connected.
ip_addr_pool AddressPool The IPv4 address pool for the virtual storage.
host_routes List of HostRoute The static route settings for the virtual storage.
volume_type_id String The ID (UUID) for the volume_type for the virtual storage.
name String The name for virtual storage.
description String The description for virtual storage.
status String The status for virtual storage.
created_at ISO8601 DateTime The creation timestamp for virtual storage.
updated_at ISO8601 DateTime The update timestamp for virtual storage.
error_message String The error message for virtual storage.


	"id" : "13fea5a0-a36f-43e8-92ef-1cf472725dbe",
	"network_id" : "90ff9a35-726d-47d6-a048-f080d2c90b57",
	"subnet_id" : "684920b1-bdaa-4a4c-927b-5c46484a4bae",
	"ip_addr_pool" : {
		"start" : "",
		"end" : ""
	"volume_type_id" : "6685584b-1eac-4da6-b5c3-555430cf68ff",
	"name" : "vs01",
	"description" : "Virtual Storage for NW1", 
	"status"      : "available"
	"created_at" : "2015-05-17T18:14:34.000000",
	"updated_at" : null,
	"error_message" : ""