1.1. Get Started

SDPF Wasabi Object Storage API allows you to control Wasabi Object Storage User management.
Here you can see how to use the SDPF Wasabi Object Storage API to for basic use cases.

Get an authentication token

At first, please call the authentication API. You can get authentication token by following instructions on this page. In following steps, you need to put the authentication token in X-Auth-Token header of API request.

Start using SDPF Wasabi Object Storage

Create a Wasabi Account


When you create a Wasabi Account, the minimum usage fee will be charged from that point.


$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
       -H "X-Auth-Token: {token}" \
       -X POST {api_endpoint}/tenants/{tenant_id}/account


  "AcctNum": <AcctNum>,
  "AcctName": "<TenantID>@ecl.ntt.com",
  "Password": "<Password>",
  "AccessKey": "<AccessKey>",
  "SecretKey": "<SecretKey>",
  "CreateTime": "<CreateTime>"

Use Wasabi

  • Please use Wasabi with the created account.