Update Single Constitution Device


Change menu (Managed Firewall/Managed UTM) and/or plan of single device.

API Operation Object

  • Managed Firewall/UTM single constitution device

Synchronous / Asynchronous

  • Synchronous


HTTP Request Method

  • POST

HTTP Request Path


HTTP Request Header

X-Auth-Token: <token_id>
Content-Type: application/json

Request Parameter

Request Parameters
item Required type format description
sokind yes String - M: Update Single Constitution Device
tenant_id yes String UUID Tenant ID of the owner (UUID)
locale no String - Messages are displayed in Japanese or English depending on this value. ja: Japanese, en: English. Default value is "en".
gt_host yes list -  
operatingmode yes String - Set "FW" or "UTM" to this value.
licensekind yes String - Set "02" or "08" as FW/UTM plan.
hostname yes String - Set the hostname.

Sample Request Body

   "tenant_id": "9f8bfbc5e3e44ae6959a21ea6f88fe96",
   "sokind": "M",
   "locale": "ja",
   "gt_host": [{
       "operatingmode": "FW",
       "licensekind": "08",
       "hostname": "CES888"


HTTP Response Code

Response Codes
Response Code Description
200 OK
400 Request format is invalid
401 Unauthorized
500 Internal Server Error
511 Internal Server Error (Fail Service Order etc.)

Response Parameter

Response Parameters
item type format description
code String - This code is for determining the details of the error.FOV-**: Successful Completion FOV-E**: Error has occurred
message String - This message is shown when error has occurred.
soId String - Identification ID of Service Order.
status integer - This value indicates normal or abnormal. 1:normal, 2:abnormal

Sample Response Body

Normal Response

When locale is "ja"

    "code": "FOV-01",
    "message": "正常終了",
    "soId": "FGS_FT64D7781E8541B298FCFE418909B44C0",
    "status": 1

When locale is "en"
    "code": "FOV-01",
    "message": "Successful completion",
    "soId": "FGS_FT64D7781E8541B298FCFE418909B44C0",
    "status": 1

Error Response

When locale is "ja"

    "code": "FOV-E",
    "message": "システムエラーが発生しました。恐れ入りますが、チケットシステムでご連絡ください。",
    "status": 2

When locale is "en"
    "code": "FOV-E",
    "message": "System error has occurred. Excuse me, please contact us at the ticket system.",
    "status": 2